We believe that mobile gaming should be a fun and exciting social experience. The Pwnz app was created just for that and we think we’ve done a pretty good job! Try it out by teaming up with friends in private match or pit yourself against other players in a global match. See who has the best tactics in this game of teamwork, strategy and a little bit of luck!


  • 1 versus 1 play
  • 2 versus 2 team play
  • Friends list
  • Random opponent search
  • Casual play option (maximum of 48 hours per game round so you can play when there is a slow moment in the day)
  • Quick play option (2 minutes for each player to make move, for those who don’t like to wait)
  • Keeps scores
  • In-game chat
  • Facebook connection
  • Mini tutorial and great help system providing hints and alerts during game play




These are the rules for playing solo. Additional rules for team play can be found below.

The objective of the game is to be the first to get all your pawns around the board and to the goal.

Each player is dealt cards, which can be used to advance the pawns. There are 13 different cards and each card appears in the deck four times.

Game flow:
For the first round, each player is dealt five cards and in the second and third round every player gets four cards. A new round begins when all players have used up all the cards in their hand. The player who starts the game will be automatically selected by the system and play will continue clockwise. After three rounds, each player gets five news cards and the player next in line (clockwise to the previously selected starting player) will be selected to begin the round. This cycle continues until there is a winner in the game.

Additional Rules:
  • When you land on a space already occupied by another pawn, that pawn will be sent back to it’s starting area and your pawn will overtake that space.
  • If you have a playable card, then you must play that card. Even if it does not have a positive outcome for you.
  • If you do not have any playable cards, your hand will be discarded and you will have to wait until new cards are dealt to you after everyone finishes their hands.
  • Pawns standing on a space of their own color cannot be sent back to its starting area or jumped over by any pawns.
  • Pawns in their “goal area” cannot be sent back to its starting area or jumped over.
  • Pawns are not allowed to cross or stand on a space of their own color after previously occupying the space. In other words, a pawn is not allowed to go around the board more than once.

Card explanation:
You can either move a new pawn from the starting area to the starting position or move one of your pawns already on the board forward one space.
Move a new pawn from the starting area to the starting position.
Move one of your pawns on the board twelve spaces forward.
Switch positions of one of your pawns on the board with someone else’s pawn on the board (can be either teammate or opponent). You are not allowed to switch positions with someone else’s pawn if it is occupying a space of its own color.
Move one or two of your pawns on the board a total of seven spaces.
Move one of your pawns on the board backwards four spaces.

Team play rules:
The team play rules are very similar to the solo play rules, with a few additions:
  • Team members are always positioned opposite from each other on the board.
  • Your team wins when you and your teammate successfully move all your pawns around the board and into your own goal areas.
  • You will be allowed to move your teammate’s pawns only when all of your own pawns reaches the goal.


For support please check http://support.pwnzgame.com
Other questions? Send us an email at info@pwnzgame.com